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Title: Giant Ballpit
Post by: CubOCoffee on 10.01.2020, 16:05:16
How about a giant ballpit for the fursuiters?
A big medieval fair (MPS(Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum)) has them every time and the plastic balls are quite big.
Maybe they can recommend something.
Do you have the balls for this?

As a furry I would love that (Bazinga!).

How about you lot?
Title: Re: Giant Ballpit
Post by: Dragony on 10.01.2020, 17:09:51
As far as I can remember, there are two issues about a giant ball pit.
First: If we are buying such mass of balls, we have to keep them anywhere over the year. Store place is rare anr/or very expensive. Which brings me to the second point:
second: Renting a big ball pit is afaik very expensive, too.

We just think about this idea in older times, but both solutions were not the best at the moment.
Title: Re: Giant Ballpit
Post by: gummi_bjorn on 10.01.2020, 23:35:37
well the storage thing we can fix quite easily, i have a big house. an old dairy factory.
but the problem would become transport from denmark as i doubt it will fit in my little car!