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Post by: Outlaw on 18.01.2020, 15:21:10
Hello boys and girls,

my name is Outlaw, you can see who I am at the bottom of this page :D I am looking for a room in the estrel, I was unlucky!

So I thought if advertise here while I am free to do so before I change my mind to a different convention.

Dates: 18th to  24th August (FLEXIBLE)

Name :Outlaw (Tye)
Age: 24
Nationality: English
Language: English of course, and a little bit of German.

Non smoker

Does not snore. 

Always willing to hang out with the roommate who picks me even if they new to me!

I do have a fursuit, which is blue and gold just look at my twitter if you wish to see @outlawwolfnix

If you need any more information contact me on telegram @outlawwolfnix I won't bite~

Have a good day~