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Title: 2x slots Estrel for two birbs!
Post by: ThatFlintVA on 18.01.2020, 17:17:43
Hey hey, pleased to meet you! ^v^
I'm Flint (ThatFlintVA/FeatheredFlint), a bird from the Netherlands, who also does voice acting, twitch streaming, and software engineering!

Me and my boyfriend (TwintailsInc, flying over from the US) are looking for a room in the Estrel!
We're planning to arrive on wednesday 19.08 and leave on monday 24.08, but a departure on sunday 23.08 is fine too. ^v^

We don't have fursuits, so there's nothing taking up a lot of space.
Also we don't smoke and we'd also appreciate a smoke-free room.
We'll of course pay our share of the new room price!

If you have spots for us, please hit me up, we'd greatly appreciate it! <3
You can find me on Twitter and Telegram: @ThatFlintVA

(P.S. I'm bringing real dutch stroopwafels *wink wink*)