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Title: [LF] Fursuiter looking for Estrel room (Preferably early arrival-late departure)
Post by: Nowi on 20.01.2020, 17:53:02
Hey there, possible roomie!

I'm a 22 years old male from Finland. I didn't have any luck with booking a room so now I'm looking for a main hotel room to stay at during the con.
I'm a non-smoker myself but don't mind if the roomie(s) isn't. I consider myself as a party dog during cons though so I do drink and might stay up quite late ^^'

I don't snore at all so I won't make too much noise. I'm a chill guy in general so I won't cause any actual trouble!
I'd prefer to have a room from early arrival to late departure as mentioned but only main days works perfectly fine for me too.

If you have a spot and are interested, contact me on Telegram @GreenSnootDog and we'll see if we get along well enough.

Since I also mentioned that I'm a fursuiter, I guess it's only fair to show a picture too even though I'd have a completely new head for the con!