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Title: Otawuff looking for a room
Post by: Otakuwolf on 26.01.2020, 14:20:12
Hi everybody ^.^ !

I'm been put in the waiting list for a room at the Estrel Hotel, but since i'm not guaranteed to get one I wonder if anybody would have a spot available for share (preferibly at the Estrel itself) ^^

Some info about me:
I'm a 34 years old italian white male.
I don't smoke, I don't drink, I'm not a party kind, I tend to hang around until is kinda late (coming back around 2 to 2:30 AM).
I don't snore and I would use the room only to pickup-put down stuff and sleep.
I don't mind if you need the room for some "private time", just let me know when and I won't come in for as long as you need.
I'm an artist and I'm also a rubberfur.

I Forgot to mention this but I arrive the 18th and leave the 23rd of August.

Thank you for reading this and let me know if you feel like sharing a spot by sending me a poke either on Twitter @Ota_Kuwolf or in FA at ^.^