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Title: Friendly Shady Wolf looking for a Room
Post by: Shadowfang on 10.02.2020, 17:02:33
Hey there my name is Shadowfang and as the title suggests i am looking for a room at the Estrel to stay in.

Im very friendly and can (i think ^^") adapt to pretty much anything... So if you like to sleep out... no problem... i can try to skip on the breakfast (its sometimes hard to get out of bed anyway XD)

If youd like to do a room party: feel free to do that... i can try to come back later or join you... who knows? ^^

As for arrival and departure... well... i would like to arrive on Thuesday and depart on Sunday.... BUT if you want then i CAn arrive on Monday... Departing however should be Sunday.... MAYBE i could invest another day but i dont know yet ^^"

I hopoe i caught your attention and interest, feel free to contact me, its still some time (hopefully) so we could get to know eachother better if you want ^-^

Just PM me here (or respond in this Thread) if youre interested :3

Languages: german (native), english