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Title: Treasure Hunt
Post by: CubOCoffee on 15.02.2020, 12:19:45
Ahoy mateys,

would ye be interested int hunting treasure?
I am pondering, whether to devise some riddles and send ye all to pick Davy Jones' locker.
Would anyone be interested in this?
If so, would ye prefer a short hunt on one day or a longer hunt over several days?
Me current idea is to put up several riddles all over the Estrel and anyone participating would only need a pen and some paper.

Do we have an accord?
Title: Re: Treasure Hunt
Post by: Suicune on 16.02.2020, 05:56:33
This would be funny for in between. :D
I guess instead of pen & paper a mobile would also do I believe?
How long... dunno, I got a couple hrs each day of time for it.
Just have to make sure stuff stays in place.
Title: Re: Treasure Hunt
Post by: VulpesRex on 20.02.2020, 06:40:16
   Would this activity be aimed mainly at Fursuiters?  Or could anyone with a badge participate?  Would it be confined to the grounds of the Hotel Estrel (and perhaps the biergarten/"beach")?

   How about something which would engage people over parts of Berlin commonly accessible via public transport, but not too obscure?

   I think it would be great if we could develop something which lets Furries engage more with our host city, outside the confines of the Estrel complex (just a thought, please don't hate me).