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Title: Refund policy
Post by: MartinRJ on 12.03.2020, 18:19:37
Hi all,
we just had a vibrant discussion in a German Telegram group, started by someone mentioning their worries about the Confuzzled convention in England. About what will happen if the convention had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

My question here is (to clarify a few things, and maybe for some peace of mind too) - what are the refund policies, in case that Eurofurence had to be cancelled due to the virus outbreak?

Will/would you refund the confee? Or a part of it? Would you even be required by law?
I am not worried about myself, I have always been a proud supporter of Eurofurence, and I believe that a great majority of furries who think like myself, wouldn't want to take the money back, to support the EF.

I know it is a bit early to make up potential worst-case-scenarios. But it would be nice to hear your thoughts, did Eurofurence consider this?
What are your thoughts?

Is it too early to speculate, after all?

No doubt that noone is willing to risk the health of our community after all. Anyways, I just would like to proxy our discussion mentioned above, to where it belongs.
Title: Re: Refund policy
Post by: o'wolf on 13.03.2020, 00:07:41
It is, indeed, too early to speculate.

We are observing the corona virus situation closely, as of now (March) we expect Eurofurence 26 to take place in August as planned. In case we have to adjust our assessment we will notify our attendees accordingly.