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Title: Eurofurence Online 2021 - digital Dealers'Den
Post by: Alpha_Ki on 23.08.2021, 18:28:00
Hello everyone,
like last year, due to the still ongoing  global pandemical circumstances, we will host EF as an online event this year again. It will take place between  September 23rd to 26th. Program will be updated.
Since last year was such a success we gave ourselves the task to improve and here is what we offer:

With an registration at: ( you can sign in for our virtual Dealers’Den, that means:

What is NEW: There will also be a VR Dealers’Den!!!
We will have space for 80 to 100 dealer booths in our digital space in the virtual Estrel hotel. You can apply for such a booth by uploading a fully filled out VR-Template to the Dealers’Den registration page until the 5th of September.


With this option customers can visit your individualized booth and check out your advertisements in virtual reality. For example, you can display your personal schedule you plan on attending the discord during specific times (like 2-4pm UTC+2) inviting people to hop into your personal Chat or just watch your own dealer or art stream.
If you want to share the booth and the stream time with friends you can also do that by just filling the template for the both of you (or your group) and get the party started.

The registration and template upload for an VR dealers' booth will end on the 5th of September.
Later registrations and changes will only allow for services on our website.