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Title: poi/circus skills
Post by: beanieferret on 15.04.2008, 20:37:34
as noted in the special interests section, I'm interested in running a poi/circus skills SIG over the course of the event.
I've already had a few people there who seemed interested, so thought I'd open it up a bit more.
I'll be teaching basic poi skills, although I only have a limited number of poi. If anyone else feels like teaching a few moves to people - be they poi, diablo, stick twirling, juggling, or whatever, feel free to join me. Its going to be a very freeform event, very much a 'find something interesting and give it a try' event. Only one thing - NO FIRE. I'm going to ask that no one bring any fire to the SIG at least. If you've got fire toys of your own, ask the resident security-wolf if you can bring them, and if you can play with them, but not at the SIG.

Title: Re: poi/circus skills
Post by: bad_david on 02.07.2008, 01:00:34
hi i was wondering and asking the crew if i could do i fire show at the skilled in poi and fire liking/blowing and stroking and other fire related show stuff...i can help with the work shop and i whould also love if any one like yourself whould like to do a show with me=)
yours dj bad_david
Title: Re: poi/circus skills
Post by: Zefiro on 02.07.2008, 10:21:39
I'm not sure whether we can make a show (especially without first training together) but I'd surely be interested in talking to you and learning some stuff, especially fire related. Even if we would have to do it without the actual fire - this is something somewolf has to decide.

Title: Re: poi/circus skills
Post by: bad_david on 03.07.2008, 13:39:01
hehe your right that there is some traning need to make a show...but why not do the sig you had in mind and then after the sig  we take tose interested and make a show whith the atendees from the workshop. it whould be wonderfull...and well i will bring some fire tools  like poi and fire fingers and maby a firefly. but i think i neeed to buy lamp oil in germany...(damm costoms gegulations).
so i can help out withe the workshop as well if you need someone else that can poi and do other carzy stuff.
Title: Re: poi/circus skills
Post by: beanieferret on 03.07.2008, 17:18:07
hmmm. Making a show is a bit beyond me - wont have much practice time. I'll be bringing my fire toys, and asking the staff if they mind me having a play with them by the bonfire, and would be glad to have some company, but will probably not do a full on show ;)
Title: Re: poi/circus skills
Post by: somewolf on 03.07.2008, 18:37:21
I'll be bringing my fire toys,

please contact me upon your arrival as soon as you are settled in
and before! you are going to use them

would be nice if you guys coordinate your activities with Zefiro