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Title: Art Show Full - Waiting List Introduced
Post by: Blue_Panther on 15.04.2008, 21:07:41
Just like the convention was booked out in no time, the same seems to apply for events such as the Art Show. Currently the art show is booked to the brim, there are no panels available anymore.

However, do not despair: If you apply for a space in the Art Show you will be put on to the waiting list. Please continue to reserve your panel space as usual, as panels might be available again after returns. Date of reservation applies. Also, keeping your panel orders at a realistic number increases your chances of getting in.

Please refrain from sending further mails regarding the status of your reservations if you have received a confirmation of one of the Directors. You will  be informed of your exact number of allocated Panels by the time of the Reservation Deadline.   

Thank you for your understanding.