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Title: Selling my registration number and a spot in 2p room
Post by: teopanda on 10.05.2008, 18:37:15
So yeah, something has come up on the same time with ef and I can't skip it,
so I'll need to bail out ef this time  :-\

My registration number is 470 and I have paid the con fee of 160 euros,
so it's a regular room for two people without the extra days or anything special.

If anyone is interested please contact me either by email to
or on irc. You should find me active in furnet by the names teo or teopanda,
latter of which is my screen so I might not answer immediately.

Thanks anyway and I promise to try and get on board next time!


Appears we have a winning "bid", for LightFox. I'll delete the topic after the transaction is completed,
but please do not send any emails for now, until we resolve the matter.

Thanks ^^