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Title: Fursuiter Etiquette for Non Suiters
Post by: Cheetah on 13.05.2008, 17:15:04
I found this on the fursuiting page of Furry Weekend Atlanda ( It's a Text written by Santa Fox, and I think it is a very good guide how to act when you're around fursuiters at a furry convention,

Interacting With Fursuiters

It can be a lot of fun to watch and interact with fursuiters, but remembering a few simple guidelines can help both you and the fursuiters to have an enjoyable furry convention experience.

Suiters Moving Around the Con (and Moving Around Them)

The Fursuiter Headless Lounge

Assisting Fursuiters Who are in Trouble

Hopefully, this should all be common sense to everyone, but it's always good to give a quick refresher. Just doing a few simple things can really make a big difference to that fursuiter who's working so hard to entertain everyone. Others are welcome to take and adapt this guide to their needs, so long as they attribute Santa Fox as the original compiler of the guide.