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Eurofurence 27 — "Black Magic"
Dates & Venue: TBA

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 on: 30.07.2022, 11:34:01 
Started by Kuma - Last post by NightHawk
Fair enough. Though it's doubtfull covid will ever "not exist" in our lifetimes.
Maybe EF 2023 will not require any measures anymore. Though i highly doubt it.

 Welp, just give us enough time to react.

 on: 30.07.2022, 11:18:40 
Started by Kuma - Last post by Cifer
Yeah, unfortunately the choices are "everyone gets reminded Covid exists during the con" and "a whole lot of people and their relatives and loved ones get reminded Covid exists in the weeks and possibly months after the con". Every German convention this year has led to outbreaks since mask mandates were dropped and I hope Eurofurence does the sensible thing and makes as many public indoor spaces mask-only as possible.

 on: 29.07.2022, 04:28:18 
Started by Kuma - Last post by NightHawk
Ok. I just hope it'll be announced before the hotel cancellation deadline comes up. (72 hr before arrival)

Before people get this the wrong way:

I DO understand the desire to provide a save convention for everyone and I do understand how masks can help achieve just that.

This is purely a personal thing for me. Eurofurence has always been my main vacation I looked forward too. The one time I can truly relax and get away from the daily routine of life.
If mask mandates are just for the smaller panel rooms, that would be totally fine and understandable for me. That's where I expect them to be anyway. But if I'm constantly reminded of covid throughout the Hotel (Lobby, main stage), I cannot "let myself go" and enjoy the stay. The same reason I would never visit Eurofurence without a room at the Estrel. I want to get as far away from any sort of stress as possible for the few days.

It would be a shame, but if it's "too much" for me,  i'd rather then go on a themepark vacation.

 on: 29.07.2022, 02:14:19 
Started by Kuma - Last post by Dingo
Hello there,

the (indoor) areas with a mask mandate will be announced at a later time. They will also be clearly marked at the respective doors and in the Eurofurence App Event plan as soon as it becomes available.



 on: 28.07.2022, 22:21:10 
Started by Weidhas - Last post by Weidhas

I am looking for two standard tickets for my boyfriend and me. So if someone is in possession of one or even two tickets and can't make it to the EF, I would be happy to hear from you.

Contact me best via Telegram (@Weidhas) or Twitter (@Weidhas).

Many thanks & best regards from Austria,

 on: 28.07.2022, 11:19:37 
Started by Kuma - Last post by NightHawk

 on: 27.07.2022, 15:35:59 
Started by lizardGuy - Last post by MrEvers
What you will miss by leaving before Sunday evening

 on: 27.07.2022, 15:32:00 
Started by _yoast_s - Last post by MrEvers
According to the comments on that post, the red dots are just there as a reminder for staff for some change requests by the artists, they mean nothing for the rest of us.

Black lines are walls, so the squares must be pillars, I assume (the squares ar all in 1 line, with the same distance between them)

 on: 26.07.2022, 22:07:00 
Started by Outlaw - Last post by Outlaw

Looking for a Sponsor ticket ideally but will also accept a standard message me on my telegram which is @OutlawWolfnix.



 on: 26.07.2022, 07:03:29 
Started by Kuma - Last post by NightHawk
Wich areas have masks mandates and wich are on a suggestion base?

Specifically, what about:
- Lobby
- Main Stage
- Fursuit lounge (out of suit)
- Biergarten

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