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Author Topic: fursuitmaker disappeared?  (Read 4936 times)


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fursuitmaker disappeared?
« on: 11.10.2008, 01:02:11 »

Hi. I was wondering if any of u know Jaxthebat?
I ordered a fursuit from him a long time ago, and i have payed him the whole stuff. all he need to do is to finish iot and send.
But, every time i manage to get my paws on him, he just say it's soon done and he will send pics soon. he's been saying that for almost 8 months, and 2 months ago, i stopped receavin any messages from him.
So, does anyone know a way to talk to him and make him finish my suit?
thankies ^^
Miff Miff <3


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Re: fursuitmaker disappeared?
« Reply #1 on: 16.10.2008, 14:21:13 »

Perhaps you should ask in Fursuit Lounge and/or Artists Beware...

Usually there are a lot of people who know what to do.


PS: Wish you good luck!
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Re: fursuitmaker disappeared?
« Reply #2 on: 16.10.2008, 15:01:23 »

On Livejournal, that is. :)
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