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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: A few words from the chairman  (Read 8971 times)


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A few words from the chairman
« on: 16.01.2007, 15:51:48 »

Hi everyone!

The last few days have been really exciting. After spending more than a week on preparing HTML pages and fixing bugs, Eurofurence Registration started on Sunday ... and soon you could see a Cheetah sit in front of his monitor in utter amazement hitting "reload" every 10 seconds for the rest of the day. Boy, we had anticipated NOTHING like this. We received more than 350 registrations just in the first 24 hours. Wow. Just wow. While writing this, we have 430 registrations and a nice 5 figure amount on our bank account. It's wonderful! But it's also completely insane!

The good news is: We're NOT nearly booked out yet, and the rate of new registration per hour has dropped to a rather "normal" amount. So it looks like there will still be free places even in a couple of weeks. Selling out in a matter of hours would have been one of my biggest fears ... I would have hated to see so many people (including many regulars) getting frustrated just because they missed the big rush on Sunday. ED attendance really is NOT supposed to be just for people who sit on IRC on Sundays with nothing else to do :)

Right now (Tuesday, Januar 16th) we have more than 120 free beds left. And because we're going to be strict with payment deadlines this year, it's quite likely more beds become available through cancellations. So ... it's still advisable to register as soon as possible, but no need to go postal over it :)

Thank you to everyone who registered, I'm overwhelmed with the trust you're putting in us. And I'm rather scared of the high expectations :) But the success is also a huge motivation. Thank you, we'll do our best to live up to it.
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