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Author Topic: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)  (Read 10545 times)


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Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« on: 08.03.2008, 15:01:19 »

Hello dear furry friends

I'm planning to organize a furry event that would look like sport holydays

3 days in a french skiing ressort in the Alps (France)
30 participants in a big chalet
for the winter 2008-2009 : wether at Christmas wether in the early january

The event website :

The event is still in preparation and nothing is set in stone right now.
Do not hesitate to come and visit the page (only in english)
I need your remarks and wishes.

The event is mostly done for fursuiters for the funny aspect of skiing on the runs in costume and enjoy this very specific situation together but it is not closed to non fursuiters too.

Hoping that this event will be led to its completion.

Sincerely yours

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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #1 on: 08.03.2008, 15:51:49 »

Will be there ;)


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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #2 on: 08.03.2008, 16:22:26 »

Will be there ;)
Glad to have you there !


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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #3 on: 11.03.2008, 08:50:13 »

The Fhursky community has been created on LiveJournal.
Now it's easy to follow what's going on without being spamed by mails.
Newsletters will still be sent for those who don't have LJ accounts and that registered on the fhursky website.

Join the community !


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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #4 on: 14.06.2008, 22:36:02 »


There it is! The registrations for the Fhursky event are finally open!

I invite you to go on the website of the event to consult the latest modifications.

You’ll eventually find:
- The regulations of the event, so that you have the less surprises about the format of the activity and how it will work.
- The update of the fares for the event, split in 3 parts: Housing/food, Ski tickets and rental, Transport
- Many new fields to fill in your accounts.

Be aware that only 14 guests will be allowed right now, unless the demand allows us to open another apartment.

We remind you that the event will take place between the 4th and 8th of January in La Plagne, cf “planning” section on the website
3 days of ski with housing in a chalet of 1 up to 3 apartments of about 10 people, refer to “housing” of the website for a map of the chalet.

We sincerely hope that you will join the event.

Do not hesitate to join the LiveJournal community and exchange your thoughts about the event.

The Fhursky Team


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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #5 on: 21.09.2008, 13:47:58 »

We will confirm that the event will take place in one month.
And we need a specific number of solid registrations to do so.

So please, if you are interested, now would be the perfect timing to create your account and confirm your presence by following the instructions you'll receive.

As a reminder, to create an account, should it be a watching one or a participating one
go on the Fhursky website :
and on the "Register" page

Hope to see you there !


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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #6 on: 18.10.2008, 13:26:07 »

Hello furry skiers

The previous warning made 3 people register to the event, which is very good news.
Now, it is not sufficient to fill the 14-bed apartment and the owner was kind enough to let us switch with a smaller 8-bed apartment.

This means
-          The event will definitively take place
-          The waiting list starts above 8 people
-          The next number of people to open a new apartment is 6
-          You will have to choose again your room on your account once confirmed

Thanks for your registration and let’s hope we will be more at the last moment.

Remember to pick as soon as you can your skiing choices (lift ticket and ski rental) for each days
And also to think about the way you’ll come to the event : go by yourself ? open your car to others ? Join a car ?
Precise everything on your account and tell us if you have specific needs.

See you in about two months there !


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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #7 on: 18.11.2008, 18:48:18 »

Hello fellow furries

Time for a small update on the ski / snowboard rental and ski lift tickets.
We’ve received the offer from the owner of the chalet which was not interesting at all… shame
And we are not enough to pretend for a discount directly at the ski resort tourism office
So we’ve been looking for cheaper price and here is what we can offer you :

Ski lift tickets

42€ 1 day
80€ 2 days
114€ 3 days

Including boots (and sticks with skis)

16.80 € per day

This is alas a little bit more expensive than expected due to the lack of discounts and 2009 new prices.
54.8 Euros per day for 3 skiing days instead of the 50 foretold.
We sincerely hope this is not an issue for you.

Anyway, the website is now up to date and you can choose your skiing options.
We will order the tickets and rentals the 17th of December 2008 (in one month)
Please, transfer us the remaining money so that we can correctly order your options before this date.
After this time, we cannot assure to bring your options correctly to you.

If you wish to take skiing lessons, please let us know so that we can propose you something specifically.
Other activities such as racket walk or snowmobile rent can be found in the station, let us know if you’re interested.

For those already confirmed, you will receive next your Fhursky account balance with the latest options you chose.

See you on the skiing slopes !



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Re: Fhursky : Winter 2008-2009 (Furry ski event)
« Reply #8 on: 11.12.2008, 17:41:42 »

Hello furry creatures

This post to remind you that it’s still time to participate to the Fhursky Event for those who havn’t yet crossed the line.

The event will still take place between the 4th and 8th of january 2009 in the « La Plagne » ski resort, France.
We will be housed in a nice chalet linked to the station with a shuttle.
Meeting is set in the station the evening of the 4th of January.
3 skiing days, back in the night of the 7th after the ski.

An example of the fare depending on options :
Housing + meals + 3 days of ski + ski rental
= 359.4 Euros
(Transport not included)

The chalet is comfortable, rooms of two with bathroom included.
Large livingroom where we’ll prepare meals for everybody.

If you’re interested, it is still the time to register right now on the Fhursky website.
Click on « Register »
For those who already have an account but not registered yet, tick the « I want to participate » box in your account and you’ll receive quickly all the instructions.
For those who don’t have an account, just pick a name for your account without password and fillin your profile to receive those same instructions.

Do not hesitate to spread the word !

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