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Author Topic: Dealers Den & Artist Alley  (Read 7158 times)


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Dealers Den & Artist Alley
« on: 20.05.2009, 16:00:08 »

Hello Everybody!

It has come to our attention that the communication of our dealers den team wasn't quite up to par with everyone's expectations. We have been trying to resolve this problem internally, but things did not work out like we had hoped. We are very sorry for this, and we're now in the process of repairing the damage that has been done.

Effective now,  Luschhörnchen is no longer responsible for Artist Alley and Dealers Den communication. All planning responsibilities have been transferred to Gyroplast, who has already started collecting all existing information and clear this mess up.

If anybody has any open issues (such as an unclear status about dealers/artists tables or answers written in incomprehensible english), feel free to contact us again. But if you do, please re-use the subject line with the ticket number you got when first contacting us!. In any case, please always use the official email address to contact us. Please do NOT contact individual team members privately ... this makes issues untrackable for us whenever responsibilities change, like it has happened right now. If you've sent anything directly to Luschhörnchen, please send your request again to Thank you!

So what is going to happen next?

1) We're trying to get hold of Luschhörnchen, and he'll hopefully give us his current list of participants.
2) If that fails, we will go through all communication in the dealers den ticket queue and try to extract the status from there.
3) There are still 16 open tickets in the dealers den queue, which will be answered by Gyroplast as soon as possible.
4) We will send a bulk mail to all registered EF members with the list of dealers and artists for everyone to check.

We're quite flexible with the space usage in the lower foyer area, so even if the dealers should have been accidentally overbooked, I promise we'll find a solution for everyone.

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