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Author Topic: EF 15 Fursuit show calling for participants ! >> Stage Fever 3 <<  (Read 9617 times)


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Hello fellow fursuiter,

Eurofurence invites you to join us in this years Fursuit Show.

Furs of Persia - Thespian within

In this Post you will find:
  • The show and story intro.
  • Who and what we are looking for.
  • What you need to do (in short).
  • FAQ and more Information about participation.

1) Story intro
Once upon a time, sometime around late August 2009, in the ornate palace El-Oasis-Suul-fah-ra-waii on a mountain top in the Thuringian woods; a princess is in danger.

Kalif Al-Jukaneet is about to marry poor Princess Sheera Hazardous. With no hero around to intervene, this maniac tyrant will have her sentenced to death the morning after their union, like he has to dozens of innocent furry girls before her.

We call for your help, venerable hero! Only you can help save her. Kalif Al-Jukaneet is known for his passion about storytelling and with your help, we shall create stories for 1001 nights to befuzzle and ease the Kalif’s mind and save the princess from her fate.

2) Who and what we are looking for

a) Fursuiters who want to show their own skit or performance on stage.
b) Fursuiters who don't have an own skit, but want to be on stage and are willing to join in on others performances.
c) Video contributions that can be presented on the big screen at the stage.

You can do anything from a short sketch or playback song to a complete performance with props, special light and sound, together with other suiters or whatever you find entertaining.
Ideas that go with the Arabian Nights theme are preferred, but that is not mandatory.
Humans are allowed on stage, if they are accompanied by a suiter and are an integral part of the act.

Be aware that stage performances should not exceed a 2 or 3 minutes duration. Exceptions are possible upon request and discussion with the stage director.


3) What you need to do now (in short)

  • To participate, your registration status for EF15 has to be accepted.
  • Create an account in this forum, if you have not done so yet.
  • Contact Mystifur via PM or now. Even if you have no own idea yet! Do it now, so we know you are interested and keep you updated.
  • Tell him that you want to participate or contribute to the show. Include your Nickname.
  • You will then get access to a special hidden board in this forum, where you can post your ideas, plan your skits and solve possible issues.

4) FAQ and information about your participation

F: Is this part of the Fursuit GAMEshow and fursuit-games ?
N: No. StageFever is the Eurofurence Version of Furry-Night-Live. It is a stage show that consists of individual skits and stories. The fursuit GAMEshow is a different event.

F: I have never been on Stage before. Should i volunteer ?
A: Absolutely yes. We welcome beginners as well as professionals. But we need to rely on your presence, because you may be part of a group act. There is no excuse for not showing up once you are part of the show.

F: I don't know what to do on stage.
A: Doesn't matter. Once applied, you have access to the special board, where you will find other skits that you can join.

F: Can I be part of more than one skit ?
A: Yes of course ! You can contribute several skits, you can be part of several skits. We are even looking for fursuiters who want to be part of the frame story.

F: Will there be a rehearsal for the show ?
A: Yes, there will be a mandatory rehearsal the day before the show that you have to attend. Additionally, we highly recommend to rehearse your skit beforehand if possible in any way. The more you have practiced your skit, the more comfortable you will feel.

F: I have an idea, but i need others to help me with the performance.
A: No problem. Once applied, you have access to the special board, where you will find others, waiting to join your skit.

F: I have a special idea for the show, but it's a secret.
A: All skits have to be posted in the hidden board and need to be approved by the show manager. For various reasons it is not possible to have unknown skits on stage.

F: Can I discuss my ideas with someone ? I need help.
A: All discussion and planning is done in the hidden board. Once you post your idea there, we will help you as much as technically possible.

F: Can i use video / pictures / music / live and recorded audio in my skit ? Can you arrange this for me ?
A: Yes, you can use all of these and our skilled staff will happily help you to make it work. All info about that can be found in the hidden board, once you applied.

F: Is there a deadline for applying ?
A: Yes, there will be. Most important is to tell us right now that you want to participate. The deadline for finalising your skits is the End of July. But you need to have applied to join in before that.

F: I still have questions
A: Good, that means that you still haven't lost interest. Just message Mystifur and you will get all the answers you need.
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