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Author Topic: Does anyone know what happened to "Ultraviolet" and "Kieran"?  (Read 7276 times)


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I know this is an special question and should possibly not appear here in this forum, the moderators can delete it as soon as an answer is found.

Please also dont post any "off topic" or nonsense comments here.

Approximately three weeks ago "Ultraviolet" and "Kieran" asked me to join my ridesharing and i happily agreed. But until then i never heard anything from them again, neither when their plane arrives, not even that they finally sign up at all. I asked them a few times but nothing happened.

Does anyone of you knows what happened to them?


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I don't know anything between you, I can only tell you I'm giving UV and a friend, most likely it is that Kieran, a ride and will get them from the airport, at least that was the plan about a week ago, I guess that hasn't changed so far.
So, don't know why they didn't tell you anything or got back to you, but I guess that's a matter you should discuss with them in private somehow.

So, yeah, sorry I cannot be more of a help, but at least you know now they're still alive.


EDIT: UV said she cancelled by e-mail, you seem not to have gotten it for some reason. But yeah, I guess that's a thing better discussed in private with them.
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OK, now i have an problem.
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