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Author Topic: Idea about photo-session  (Read 9738 times)


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Idea about photo-session
« on: 22.07.2009, 11:38:41 »

My greetings to Everyone!

Is anyone want to perform a "thematic fursuit photosession" in accordance to idea, described below?

  I'm thinking the images might be much interesting, if the main purpose of the photo-shooting process will be not "look at my suit" (which almost everyone making, as I see), but "look at the Living Form, which exists in Nature". That might be done using photo-art approach and a set of "scenes", in which the "photopersonages" in "ordinary world" (ordinary room, building, forest) will display their thoughts, emotions, relations and so on. I already have a list of possible "photo sketches" and planing to translate it and publish here in a couple of days, if that is neccessary for you.
  Now I'm interesting mostly in "scenes preparaton and discussion", shooting, processing, "preliminary result discussion", until the final result for each picture will be achieved. In addition, if I will collect enough material, I'll try to make a "story" in a form of "slide-show on DVD", which should look like a movie. You may have an interest in final result, which I'll give to any, who will take a part in the process. You will be able to do what You want: share it, put it to a contest, or throw it to a trash. Whole "event" will be non-profitable (in photography I'm the amateur only), this will be a kind of cooperation to achieve a main goal (images, which are "talking").
  Indeed, the photo-process is very time-consumptive and not easy, with a lot of attempts, so, it's not possible to realize it at the any conventions, that is the task for particular and small group. IMHO, the one (or two) "photographers" and three "personages" at most, will be optimal.
  At the end of 2009 (or beginning of 2010) I'm planning to visit Shtuttgart and will have a couple of days to travel Europe. So, if someone lives not far from Shtuttgart and want to spend several days in photo experimenting - that is the ideal variant. If no, that is not a huge problem: if we negotiate that prelimirarily (via the forum and e-mail), I may reach Your city for some time.
 To get more information regarding me, look at gallery: images are able to give a lot information about their author.

Well, now we have a plenty time to talk. I may create the "personal introduction topic" (for questions, not related to that idea), if furries allow to do that. :) Here it's better to discuss the "idea" and technical details.
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Re: Idea about photo-session
« Reply #1 on: 07.08.2009, 10:17:24 »

Hope you will not tear me into pieces for the little processing of the previous EF photos.
I called them:
- "Recycle the bottles, h00man!"
- "Come in, if You're not afraid."
- "A pair"

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Re: Idea about photo-session
« Reply #2 on: 10.08.2009, 10:43:47 »

At least the first one is not from EF but from MMC ... and the last one must have been shot at Loewi's place, because that's his cat "Lucky" :)



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Re: Idea about photo-session
« Reply #3 on: 10.08.2009, 13:21:34 »

At least the first one is not from EF but from MMC
Sorry, indeed, I not traced the "shooting circumstances" accurately.
Because I'm trying rather to unhide something interesting in the images, regardless the place they are shot.
And, possibly, leave the information to someone(s), who will not afraid to cooperate with me on the "project" proposed. :)
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