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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: Video & Photography at EF - Overkill or Awesome?  (Read 7355 times)


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Video & Photography at EF - Overkill or Awesome?
« on: 07.09.2010, 23:56:50 »

This is a poll to gauge public opinion about the density, frequency and ubiquity of video and photography at Eurofurence.

My personal opinion is stated below.

The amout of people rummaging (ed.: loitering) around the Big Blue Dance, taping the dancers to be the very first one to upload another video of people dancing on the con, seems to increase every year. This is annoying to me for two reasons:
While I cannot comment specifically on EF 16 for lack of attendance, the nuclear super power force equivalent of photography equipment at the cons is getting kind of ridiculous.

I think the social networking aspect with video uploads, etc., is important, to some extent, but maybe photography should be considerably restricted (as in, hardly any except through no more than a dozen dedicated, accredited/acclaimed photographers - e.g. a photo badge). It is getting less and less likely that the photography rules everyone is required to sign are actually upheld, defeating their purpose. I am very sure nobody ever double-checks whether they can take pictures and upload it to their LJ, flickr, etc. Most of it is fair use and EF has all the rights to the material, but I doubt they keep constant tabs on what the pictures are used for. I remember older "Photography Rules" waivers quoting German law about personality rights and requiring express permission prior to publishing - that principle has been diluted recently, though, and was probably impossible to uphold anyway.

Also, it is getting very hard to navigate pretty much any German furry meeting without intersecting several camera fields of vision at any time.

I realized this was an issue when I brought some newbies to a con and they were actually TERRIFIED to see everyone and their dog (pun intended...) run around with large SLR cameras dangling from their necks.

Personally, it irks me only a little, but it is bothersome, nonetheless. To others, it might be deeply disturbing.

Edit: Ironically, this year I loved the quasi-live coverage of the BBD and other aspects of the con because I couldn't attend, but had to travel to the US at the last minute... :)
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Re: Video & Photography at EF - Overkill or Awesome?
« Reply #1 on: 08.09.2010, 00:27:25 »

I found it only mildly annoying at times but at the dance I had a lot of problems with people that would overlook a large, brightly light up spinning staff while they were busy circling the dancefloor with their toys... next time I might not be able to spot the person sneaking up on my left flank.

It was also hard that way to join the fun. Either you are on the wooden floor or you have to constantly avoid the swarm of camera wielding vultures that were constantly circling around... ;)
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Re: Video & Photography at EF - Overkill or Awesome?
« Reply #2 on: 08.09.2010, 00:31:56 »

While I cannot comment specifically on EF 16 for lack of attendance,

So why bother?

Edit 2010-09-09:

I did not close this thread, however this is something that's been discussed ad nauseam in the past. We currently do not intend to limit photography at the dances. It would not be possible to control it anyway.
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