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Author Topic: Totaled my rig  (Read 6368 times)


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Totaled my rig
« on: 22.03.2007, 13:56:54 »

I guess I won't be bring it to europe after all. Yesterday I was on my way to pick up a load when some idiot with a car full of small kids, Passes me on a two lane road. Once she got infront of me she stops, Now I am faced with three options. lock it up and try to shut it down with the chance that I might hit them, Cut it to the left and the reviean or to the right and into the ditch. I took the hard right, Hit the ditch through a fence and off into the trees. Once I cleared the ditch it rolled twice before going into the trees it stoped about 120yards from the road. I kicked the bunk window out and cralwed out. It totaled my rig, She took off. My insurence will cover whats left of the payments but now I am back to them damn dumptrucks.
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Re: Totaled my rig
« Reply #1 on: 23.03.2007, 10:02:47 »

Moderator Notice: Thread mostly removed and locked.


1) Macho driver discussions are just plain embarassing
2) Derogative remarks about women and mexicans, i'm not willing to wait, which random group will be next.
3) The "I'll bring my big rig for $10000" thing was a big bullshit story anyways. Oh yeah, you brag about it for weeks, and just when it becomes clear that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, you write "Oh noes, my rig broke, I can't bring it after all". Jager, who do you expect to believe that? The whole thing was a fantasy of yours from the start. If you're really want anyone to believe that you've got such an amount of money to burn, maybe you should pay your con fee.

Let's just drop this topic. Further posts will be deleted without warning, in any thread.
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