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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: IMPORTANT - Successor needed: Team lead / Photographer Fursuit Photoshooting!  (Read 3934 times)


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Fursuit-Photoshooting on Eurofurence needs a new photographer!

As you know: Time goes on, and change will come, no matter what.

My team and I have been doing the fursuit photoshooting on Eurofurence for eight years now, and it’s been a blast for all of us. We’ve done the job with pleasure, because it’s always a reward to make people happy.

Unfortunately, I cannot keep this up any longer. I will no longer be able to plan and prepare the event, and also I won’t have the time for the post-processing of the thousands of pictures after the convention any more. For a while it wasn’t even clear if I would be able to attend the next EF at all, and so we came to a decision, even if it hurts:  I will quit as the official fursuit photographer on Eurofurence.

What does this mean for the convention? Well, we hope that for the visitors not much will change, and this is where YOU come in.

Eurofurence needs a new team lead for the fursuit photoshooting team. Theoretically, the position is open to anyone who is interested. Whoever wants to take the job should be able to answer the following questions with a clear “yes”:

  • Do you have experience in studio photography, including light setup?
  • Are you willing to organize the event “from scratch”, meaning that you plan the concept, organize props and decoration, have a backdrop created, organize the necessary technical equipment, and so on? Eurofurence doesn’t automatically build the photo set for the event. This is the job of the photography team.
  • Are you willing to invest a lot of time and work for the fandom? During the convention, this is a fulltime-job for the team. Before the convention it's a lot of work for the team lead to organize everything and after the con there's lots of post processing to be done.
  • Are you a team player, and are you willing to assemble a new team? (I cannot promise that my old team will continue to work for the event!)

Of course I will be available to answer any questions that might come up at the beginning, but I will not be available for the planning, the actual shooting or the post processing stage – Please understand that I need to quit the event completely. Also, I will not be the one who picks a successor. Please apply directly to the Eurofurence organisational team, if you are interested and if you are sure that you want to take the job. You can find the job offering on the official Eurofurence website.


Allow me a few last official words: Without my own team and the help of the rest of the EF staff this would never have worked out for so long, and I would very much like to see the fursuit photoshooting going on as a big goodie for all the fursuiters at Eurofurence!

Here’s a last big “Thank you” to all you guys  from the team and all the helping hands around us:

Kovu – Thank you for the photos you took as the second photographer in the team, and for all the other help!

Pegasus – Thank you for your ideas, your enthusiasm and your creativity, when it was necessary to find or build exactly the right props for the set. Going shopping with you was always one of the highlights for us!

Akeela and Draugvorn – Thank you for your creative work in the photo set and of course for all the help in setup and teardown during all the years. The same goes to Jose, Boltee and DragonTiger, who just recently joined our team, but have been a great help!

Additionally, my thanks go to three people that are not officially part of our team, but still had a great part in making the event a success:

Riffuchs – Especially at EF19, you helped us a LOT by building the Tiki Bar for us!

Lyserc and Jaryic – Thank you for a lot of help during setup and teardown, especially with the trussing!

And of course a special "thank you" goes to Dragony, our "own" personal security guard. Always at hand, when needed the most!

Last, but not least:

Blue_Panther – The creative mind behind our backdrops.  A big applause to you, because without all the backdrops you painted for us, the photo sets would have been not only really really empty but also really really boring!  :-)

And finally: Thanks to everyone for reading this. If you are interested in taking over the event, or if you know the exact right person to do so, please contact the Eurofurence organizers and help EF to continue offering this service to the community.

Thanks and best regards - Thalian
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