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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: EF17 Feedback  (Read 8837 times)


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EF17 Feedback
« on: 24.08.2011, 14:14:31 »

Here's my loooong feedback for EF, probably I forgot half of the stuff I wanted to write about because my brain can't handle that much awesome!


Was great as usual, staff was very friendly, roomservice was really awesome.
What I really liked were the new round tables in the lobby which were nice for artjams in the lobby! Definitely keep that up.

The disco ball
This deserves it's own paragraph since the idea is just so great, everytime I stepped out of my room I was amazed by the great atmosphere this thing put the whole hotel in.


Dragon, giant banners and standees.. all great! It's great you make use of the possibilities the venue offers!

Absolutely great but that was obvious considering how packed the dancefloors were during all dances. Kenai, Djem, BBF, Cheetah and all other DJs did a great job.

Fursuit Lounge

Nothing to complain about at all, thanks for putting the mirrors in! At one point there seemes to be some misunderstanding since someone without a fursuit badge wouldn't be let in (despite having a fursuit). If there's a fursuit badge required, please make that clear since some people didn't get one.

Con staff
Very very great! Always helpful and doing such a professional job! Even when stressed, staff was always there and took their time to help out when there was a problem. :)

Pawpet show
etc etc.
I really really really loved the pawpet show this year. The great new puppets, the awesome effects and the great story that really kept me excited all the time... I loved looking at Jim Martins face while he was watching it, he seemed to love it even more ;)


Loved the conbook this year, great job Cairyn :)

Artist lounge

The artist lounge was great again this year, thanks for the free drinks and everything :)
The only thing is.. many times the artist lounge was very packed due to more artists and the smaller room. I know it's hard, but if possible it would be great if the artists lounge could be in a bigger room next year since so many people like to hang out there!

Dealers den
Great as usual, it only seemed that the second dealers den did get less attention than the first one for whatever reason.
The idea might be stupid but I'll just leave it here: Since you used part of the restaurant as a SIG room this year, would it be possible to use a bigger part of the restaurant for the dealers den?

Dead dog party

Sunday feels like a regular con day to me and Dead dog party is one of the highlights of the con for me. :)

EF Daily
Great as always, thanks for the great articles and nice cartoons :)

Guest of Honor
He was simply super super super awesome! Also his panels were great!

Dance Contest
Great idea, great dancers and great to watch! Please do it again next year! I hope I can participate then!

There was some confusion over the staircases, if possible it would be great if all of them would be open next year to make the elevators less crowded! I don't mind using stairs all the time!

I probably forgot some points right now, but pretty much everything was great!
Thanks to all the stuff for making this the best con ever :D


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Re: EF17 Feedback
« Reply #1 on: 24.08.2011, 20:19:23 »

Hey kp,

I can only say some things to the DealersDens and the Artist lounge cause the first one layed partially in my filthy paws...

For the Den it was the best solution we could find. We made enough commercial and signs to let the people know where both rooms are. Last year we tried to fit all in one room which was more a disaster than any other solution. There is only one room big enough for all the dealers: Maritim II (The fursuit lounge). But that is just too perfect for all the suit equipment and the short stairless way to the stage and dance area which is also very appreciated by the suiters. The part of the Restaurant is also no real option cause it can't be locked during night and the all the dealers were very thankful not to get their stuff back to their rooms every evening.

First we wanted the room right next to the bigger Den rooms but that would have made the other room a SIG room which hasn't neither the capacity nor can it be used for beamer presentations (too much light). So I guess the Den rooms will be the same next year. Maybe we stick a paw trail on the ground to connect the rooms a little more. :)

And for the Artist lounge: It was already in the biggest SIG room we can give.


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Re: EF17 Feedback
« Reply #2 on: 24.08.2011, 21:26:01 »

Well, people who did not know about the second dealers den must face the fact that sometimes you must:
Listen (It was mentioned during the opening ceremony)
Read (It was written in the con book)
Look (There were enogh signs and con room descriptions everywhere at the hotel)
Talk (to others) (During the con, there were enough people talking about how cool it was to have two rooms this year)

Just my two cents  ;)

But in my opinion, the little attention for room 2 was not because people did not know of it, but rather because there were not that many sellers in there. It took me tripple the time to look through all the merchandising in the first room, there was just more to look at.
I for sure was glad to have more room to browse this year, and hope it will be done the same way next year.
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Re: EF17 Feedback
« Reply #3 on: 25.08.2011, 12:55:50 »

The second dealers den was considerably remote, and believing that this is not going to massively impact sales there is naive.

Some Artists/Vendors were also blatantly proclaiming how they got the best spots in Den 1 etc. So it's not just a matter of reading, looking and listening.

Dealers Den equality/awareness is probably going to be one of the trickier things EF e.V. might want improve.
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Re: EF17 Feedback
« Reply #4 on: 25.08.2011, 13:26:45 »

Maybe we stick a paw trail on the ground to connect the rooms a little more. :)
That would be a splendid idea. The paws could also be used to guide you to the staircases, so people get used to following them. I think with all the walking being done in the hotel the second room being a bit further away shouldn't be that much of an issue - I guess it's more that there were fewer dealers in there anyway.



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Re: EF17 Feedback
« Reply #5 on: 25.08.2011, 19:25:29 »

So it's not just a matter of reading, looking and listening.

Yeah, you are right. Forgot to mention Walk (To fight the lazyness of doing 15metres more)   ::) 
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