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Amateur (Ham) Radio?

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Tarkan the Wolf:
Any fur going to EF, are any of you Radio Hams? :3

I am :3 and i would like to know and meet any of you who are radio hams at EF :)

Will be this year :)

Tarkan the Wolf:
Ah awesome :3 wats your call sign? I'm M0XTA.

Where you at CF I wonder?

Sorry for the late reply, but I just stumbled upon this topic browsing through the forums.

Not a Ham here, but totally interested by the RF subject. Feel free to poke me and bring up the subject  :)

I've kinda always wanted to know what this is all about, but I never ended up getting into it.  If you can shed some light on it somehow for a total newb (I'm in software development — nerdy, but not too much to do with hardware and my electronics knowledge is rather weak), I'd be interested to sit down with you guys and listen, sometime at the con :)

(Much better than trying to decode Wikipedia articles and whatnot. They tend to be kinda dry and all that.)


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