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Magdeburg eatery recommendations

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Miles T.F. Baxxter:
I don't think I had a single genuinely good meal last year while at Eurofurence (not counting visits to this fun ice cream bar not far from the hotel). This year I'd like to remedy this by tracking down a few good and interesting eateries in advance.

So, anyone have any recommendations?

There was such a poll last year, not sure why it has been closed though. ->,3290.0.html

Miles T.F. Baxxter:
Oh, many thanks! I'll definitely give that thread a good rooting through.

Quincy the Raccoon:
Well, atleast I can recomment you the small café near Kaufland with every morning a very cheap breakfast! (fresh out the oven-bread!!!)

Santa fox:
If I may be as rude, as to push another question into the thread; Is there anything inherently bad about the food at the hotel? In regards to the quality.


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