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Bring me your clocks

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Locu Deer:
OK, are there other who wants to have repaired a clock/get rid of a clock?

As ive seen your Clock announcement, i just remember that my grandma has lots of clock stuff to sell.
Many tools and new parts (as i told you months before)

If youre still interested, just poke me via PM

LG the Sheppyhusk

Hi Locutus,

I've inherited a "Hamilton" pocket watch from my gramp, I'll bring it along for a look. Or we meet in Karlsruhe...

Thank you!


Locu Deer:
EF is close again, the doe has her screw drivers ready to repair your clocks or take broken/not wanted clocks in a new home, freshly renewed. Just look for that tall gothic lady with security stuff on her.


Locu Deer

Tell me where and ill bring you some tools ^_^ (leftovers from my grandpa)


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