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Tourist Questions (and local feedback wanted)

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Hi!  Calicougar and I will be touring Germany before the con.  I've found that locals often have MUCH better advice than the tourist sites and travel agencies when it comes to sight-seeing. 

There are a few things that are so general and broad that we'd appreciate any suggestions you might have:

Which forest and what city/town? 
We want to visit the Black Forest or the Heath forest (Südheide Nature Park), but they're HUGE.  Where would you suggest staying?  What town would be best stay in, keeping in mind that we're taking the train or cabs or busses everywhere (no car rental).  We're most interested in day-hikes and seeing wildlife.

Quaint villages:
We'd like to visit one or two towns/villages that are old and quaint, medieval.  Tourist traps are all right as long as there's a lot to see or shop around.  There are thousands of these (even most big cities have them), but there must be a few that you, as locals, could recommend as being particularly neat!  Maybe one of the fairy tale highway towns?  (Again, accessible by train).

Horse farm.  To look at spectacular horses.  Friesisns would be neat to see.  Another person recommended the Lipizzaners, but aren't they Spanish??

Dog events: not sure what's about, but I might be interested if there are any shows going on.

Zoos: I've seen the Madgeburg and Frankfurt zoos and enjoyed them a lot!  How is the Berlin Zoo?  Any other recommendations?

Theater: puppet shows (besides the EF Pawpet show!)

Again, any suggestions would be welcomed!


A quite nice area is where I was living in Germany *cough*

Nürnberg has a nice center for shopping and the old castle is worth a visit. Nürnberg also has a great zoo ... most of the animal photos in my furaffinity account were taken there ->

Not too far north and by that on the way is Bamberg ... a Unesco world heritage site for its old and well preserved city center.

Both cities are easy to reach by train.


The Berlin zoos are spectacular. Not so much for the exhibits (though the parks are beautiful, but not always from an animal's point of view), but for the collection: Berlin has two zoos, Zoo Berlin and Tierpark Berlin. Zoo Berlin has the largest animal collection in the world- Tierpark has the second largest collection in the world.

Black Forest? Freiburg ist a very nice city. Very Old center, good wine, great climate and perfect for hiking in.
If it's on a weekend, give me a call and I can show you around.

Puppet Shows? There's one stage in Karlsruhe.

PS: Got a great new outfit for the suit based on that german shepheard head of yours to wear on EF. :)


--- Quote from: neweinstein on 03.08.2012, 11:57:39 ---Nürnberg has a nice center for shopping and the old castle is worth a visit.

--- End quote ---

The youth hostel attached to the castle was our EF Venue in 2005 and 2006 :) Good times ...


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