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Hi there,

I have a few games for Dreamcast, Sony Playstation and the Super Nintendo on sale. If you are interested in any or multiple of these, please, send me a PM and I can bring them to you to EF.

Komplettlösung Pokemon Rot&Blau   5€ (Deutsch)


Sonic Adventure   5€
Trickstyle   7€
Sega GT    5€
JetSet radio   10€


NFS Shift           5€
ETQW      10€


MGS+VR      25€
Gran Turismo 2   10€
Bloody Roar   7€
Die Hard 2   5€

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Super GameBoy   7€

If all the before mentioned Playstation and Dreamcast Games are sold, the respective Consoles along with some essential Equipment become available too!

Prices are not set in stone, especially if someone is interested in buying multiple items, I'm open to suggestions!

See you soon,


Just a quick addendum: Since I'm German speaking, most of the games are either fully German or at least with German packaging.

Still hope to find some interested!

See you soon!

Wer Interesse hat: ein Super Nintendo mit den Super Mario all Stars und dem Super Gameboy, inklusive einem Controller, Beschreibungen und Anschlusskabeln um 60€.


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