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Author Topic: Is that EF17 or maybe Furfight?  (Read 3573 times)


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Is that EF17 or maybe Furfight?
« on: 15.09.2012, 10:31:36 »

My friend just shoved me this yt vid this morning... Asking me if i had fun at Furfight XD

Seriously it's NBC news from 11pm 09-14-2012 *facepaws*
Quality sucks but still sillyness of guys working in US tv is impossible for me :/
Also i don't really like the way they showed and made this news.. Doesn't look like a positive oppinion for me really :(
At least thats how i feel about it o.o'

Maaaah! "^_^"


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Re: Is that EF17 or maybe Furfight?
« Reply #1 on: 15.09.2012, 11:43:47 »

Yes, that's the Reuters TV footage from EF 17. Nobody seems to know what that incident with the costumed intruder was about, or even if it happened at all or just in the imagination of some overly concerned parent. I wonder how that got on the air, because it isn't "fair and balanced" at all (where is a statement by furries in that?)

Nevertheless: if you are planning a Fursuit outing please call the location, explain what you intend to do, and ask if you are welcome.
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Re: Is that EF17 or maybe Furfight?
« Reply #2 on: 15.09.2012, 18:39:23 »

Theyre saying Portland repeatly and mention that theyre libary had baned fursuiter and other masked persons other than medical and religious (Maybe furries can fit in that category, if we start a new fursuiters religion?) masks. Now I dont know what Portland (is in US, right?) has to do with EF 17s group photo other than its a bunch of furries, so youre guess is as good as mine.

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Re: Is that EF17 or maybe Furfight?
« Reply #3 on: 15.09.2012, 22:44:08 »

Presumably they just looked for stock footage of furries to put into the report, and the EF17 footage was available.
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