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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: Hotel Question  (Read 7847 times)


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Hotel Question
« on: 04.04.2013, 15:26:49 »

I had sent this question to the vice-chairman on April 1st. and still no reply, figured I could post the question here.
I have a question regarding the occupancy for the hotel rooms. From what is shown on your web site, one would think that each room can only have two persons, and the prices listed are per person, which would mean the total room price would by double the per person rate. 

In The US most hotels have an occupancy of four persons per room, the rooms stated as being doubles would have two double beds and you can sleep two persons to each bed, for a total of four persons per room.

Would you be able to do the same there, getting up to four persons per room?  And would this two persons per room go for the suites as well?  It would seem especially with the suites you should be able to get more persons to the room. 

Just wanting to find out what the policy is on occupancy for rooms there in Germany.



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Re: Hotel Question
« Reply #1 on: 04.04.2013, 17:54:17 »

From the Registration page:
The room fee is per person, and covers your accomodation for the entire duration of the convention, four nights, from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday and access to all the hotel's amenities such as the pool and the sauna. Double rooms must be staffed with two persons. The registration system will let you specify a roommate. If you do not specify any, we will choose one for you.

From the Reg announcement
These prices are per person and include four nights (Wednesday to Sunday). Single Rooms, Studio Rooms and Suites availability is limited. Double Rooms must be occupied by two persons, if you do not pick a roommate, we will do it for you.

Additional information:
Announcement about booking a triple room for an extra fee
All rooms booked out in the main hotel

So, given that all rooms in the main hotel are booked out anyways, and that special procedures have been announced for over-stuffing selected rooms, please bear with us taking a few more days with individual answers :)


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Re: Hotel Question
« Reply #2 on: 05.04.2013, 09:10:58 »

Hi there,

it would have been better to ask the registration team directly, since this is a registration related question.
Anyways, there are several reasons why the system is different to the american.

In europe, most of the prices are per Person instead of per room. this means, you dont buy a whole room and can fill it. You need to pay for every person.
For the maritim hotel, the rooms arent as big as in most of the us con hotels. Also, the beds in a twin room arent king size as in the us hotels, so you cant stuff the room with 4 persons that easy.
Also, the hotel isnt able to provide extrabeds.
But they allowed us to overstaff the rooms by one in standard/superior category. four persons in these category is a nogo for the hotel because of security reasons.
Studios and Suites generally can get four persons, but there are only two non kingsize beds aswell.
So basically youre right, we are able to put 4 persons in suites.
For prices, it doesnt work like in the US aswell. As far as i know in the US you pay per room and worst case you have to pay a small charge per person to overstaff it.
In Europe its the other way around. You pay per Person and if you overstaff a room it gets a little bit cheaper for everyone in the room.

Ysegrim mentioned already that we are booked out, so all the rooms are gone already. so, if you dont have a room yet, you dont have something to overstaff. For the overflow hotel, they sadly dont have triple rooms and dont allow overstaffing.


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Re: Hotel Question
« Reply #3 on: 06.04.2013, 15:37:30 »

Thanks for the reply, my question was actually for next year, just wanted to get some idea as to how things were done ahead of time.  I will have one person with me from the US and we will be wanting to room together, my thought however was that I may find one or two others from the US and or someone from Germany that may want to join us in our room.  However with the way the rooms are booked it is looking like we will have to be content with just the two of us in one room and anyone else coming from America or Germany will have to get their own rooms.


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Re: Hotel Question
« Reply #4 on: 23.05.2013, 14:36:43 »


da mein Englisch überhaupt nicht lesenswert ist frage ich auf deutsch :)

Ist es nachträglich noch möglich die Option "Late Departure" zu buchen?
Wenn ja, wie läuft das dann mit dem Hotelzimmer was man schon bis Sonntag
bewohnt. Kann man dies dann behalten oder muss man für eine Nacht noch umziehen.

Vielen Dank schon mal für die Antwort :)

Es grüßt der BerkWolf


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Re: Hotel Question
« Reply #5 on: 24.05.2013, 10:24:29 »

Ich komme gerade nicht in meine Reg rein (hab die Nummer nicht parat), aber so wie ich das von den letzten Jahren kenne, ist Early Arrival und Late Departure nachbuchbar. Einfach einloggen, Häkchen setzen, speichern. Du bekommst dann eine Mail mit den geänderten Daten und Zahlungsaufforderung. Umziehen im Hotel muss man dann nicht :)
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