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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: Job Opening: Programming Director  (Read 47494 times)


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Job Opening: Programming Director
« on: 06.05.2013, 14:59:00 »

Hi everyone!
The Director Position of the Programming Department is currently vacant. At the moment, TiBoth is the only remaining official Member of the Programming Team - and he will not be able to pull this job off alone - and he's not supposed to :) We are looking for a skilled and sufficiently crazy person who would love to take on this challenge, and build a new Programming Team and put together the timetable for this years Eurofurence - and hopefully for many more to come.

The Mission

The mission is to make Eurofurence the most interesting, and most entertaining furry convention of all times while supporting and promoting all the diverse cultural aspects of the furry subculture.

The Team

The Programming Department consists of two Directors, and a number of so called "Track Leads". The Team as a whole is responsible for:

- providing the internal and official time table of events at EF
- collecting suggestions for events from prospective panelists
- decides on placement of events in time table
- proactively recruits panelists in different categories to ensure diversity
- Provides an interface between resource providers (e.g. con ops, logistics, stage team, video team etc.) and event owners (e.g. panelists).

Generally speaking, the team's job starts several month ahead of the con and is done just the day before the convention starts.

Required Skills

- You are fluent in written English; should be fluent in spoken English
- You are a "digital native". You know how to use the internet.
- You are an experienced computer user, literate in all the usual office and communication software.
- You are able to think analytically
- You are able and willing to learn on the job

Optional Skills

- You have some basic management experience, preferably with volunteers
- You are familiar with using project management and documentation software, such as Dokuwiki, OTRS, or similar.
- You are fluent in written and spoken German

Your Personality

* demanding
        you want to put together the best EF programme ever
        you take pride in your work and don't do things halfway

* responsible
        you keep your promises
        you take responsibility for your team members

* independent
        you will reach goals with minimal amount of guidance / supervision
        you deliver on time
        you anticipate problems and plans ahead

* able to work in a team
        you are able to align to goals set by board of directors
        you know how to delegate / share / organise the workload
        you are sensitive towards team members needs

* polite, constructive
        you are able to give and take constructive, friendly criticism
        liberal in what you read/hear, conservative in what you write/say

* communicative
        you communicates early and frequently
        you keep close contact to all other departments, his team mates, etc.

* imaginative
        you can comes up with creative ideas for creative challenges

* well networked
        you know a lot of active furries in the fandom
        you can judge if an applicant is the right person for a job

More Information

If you got this far without running away screaming, maybe you are interested in more details about the job of the Programming Manager? We've put up a more detailed job description for both the vacant position and the part of the job that TiBoth already does, so you can see how things are supposed to play together.

Interested in taking one of the most important, but also most creative and influential positions inside the EF staff? Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me directly at I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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