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Hello everyone :)

You're coming from Switzerland or Austria and have a tiny bit of space left in your car? Could you maybe fit a jar of Tannenwipfelsirup in there for me?
I read that this syrup is available in your supermarkets - I'd love to try it, but ordering it online adds 10€ or more for shipping.

Can someone help me and bring a jar of Tannenwipfelsirup? (Of course I'd pay for that, I'm not asking for freebies.)

Never heard of it but I will keep an eye on it, if I find it I surely find space to bring it along :P

Thank you very much :)

Soooo, we looked around and apparently you only get this stuff in Vorarlberg which is pretty much the furthes pointaway from where I live x3

So you might have a better chance with someone from there (though I know no one who lives there) or in Switzerland where the Sirup seems to be more common

Should I find anything in my local stores I let you know

I found someone, but still thanks for looking :)


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