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Eurofurence 27 — "Black Magic"
Sep 3 - 7, 2023
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg

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Author Topic: Early EF Event: Critters at the Zoo (FREE ADMISSION FOR SUITERS +1 SPOTTER EACH)  (Read 17532 times)


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Early Before-Con-Opening-Event: Critters at the Zoo
Please excuse the long wall of text, but you will need this information to get there.

When is it ?
11:20 & 11:40    Bus departure (Limited Seats. Read below for travel information)
12:30 - 13:30    Zoo Parade
14:30 & 16:15    Return Bus departure

What is it ?
Did you book early arrival, or arrived really early on Wednesday ? Then why not join us for a pre-EF Fursuit Parade at the Zoo !
On Wednesday, the Magdeburg zoological garden is inviting all Fursuiters, plus 1 spotter each, into the zoo for a Photo-Parade FOR FREE.
All regular Eurofurence attendees of course get a 1 Euro dicount off the admittance fee, just like the years before.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Fursuiters and Spotters should head directly to the work yard at "Vogelsang 12", instead of using the official entrance.
Gathering and dressing up is scheduled for 12:00 - 12:30 in their work yard, where they will also offer a changing room for suiters.
Between 12:30 - 13:30 the parade will be guided through parts of the zoo and make a few stops for photoshooting.
After that, feel free to explore the park further on your own. You can stay as long as you like - in or out of suit.

We highly advise to leave the park no later than 16:15, so you can make it in time to the important official EF Opening Ceremonies.

How can I get there ?
a) Your own car: (find directions below)
b) EF Bus           (100 Seats in total. Fursuiters get priority)
c) Tram / Trolley (Line 10 Station Leiterstrasse to Station Zoo)
d) Taxi / Cab

Directions to get there by car: (Takes about 15 minutes )
Using your own car helps people without a car to get a seat in the Bus. Thank you for helping them !
The Zoo has two large parking lots at "Am Vogelsang", 39124 Magdeburg
The one closer to the public entrance has a 3 Euro parking fee. The one further in the back is free.
We recommend the latter one for suiters, because it is also closer to the work yard entrance for the fursuiters and spotters.

about the EF Bus:
While this is not an official Eurofurence Event, we have arranged for a limited free shuttle service. We have rented two busses for you to get there.
The first is departing from the Hotel at 11:20. The second is schedule 20 minutes later at 11:40. Seats are assigned to fursuiters first, on first come, first served basis.
To return, one bus will depart from the Zoo at 14:30, after the Parade. The second bus will be departing at 16:15, to bring you to Eurofurence in time.
We can not guarantee you a seat in one of the busses.

If you can not make it on the bus, because you are late or all seats are already taken, you can still get there by public tram or a taxi !

getting there by tram: (Takes about 25 minutes in total)
Ticket prices:
One-way ticket:         2,00 Euro
All-day-ticket:           4,60 Euro (Tageskarte)
All-day-GROUP-ticket 12,50 Euro (Mini-Gruppenkarte)

  • Walk out the rear entrance of the Hotel until you reach the "Breiter Weg". (150 meters)
  • Turn left and walk about 50 Meters to the tram station "Goldschmiedebrücke".
  • Get on a Line 10 Tram towards "Neue Neustadt" (Heading north. Same direction you were just walking.)
        Departures at 11:31 , 11:41 , 11:51 , ...every 10 minutes. The ride itself takes 15 minutes.
  • Get off the tram at the station "Zoo"
  • The Zoo entrance is on your left, 250 meters into the park.

Getting there by taxi / cab:
Average Prices:
Normal taxi for 3-4 passengers: About 15 Euro, one-way.
Minibus-taxi for up to 8 passengers: About 20 Euro, one-way. (Explicitely ask for "Grossraumtaxi" for this.)
- Taxi-Ruf TG:  0391 737373
- Taxi-Baake:   0391 7392928
- Taxi-Hartwig: 0391 565650

You will be finding info flyers with travel directions also in the hotel lobby in time.

Addendum: And because no matter how obvious it seems, people are asking anyways:
Yes, to return, you are using the same tram line 10, just in the opposite direction (towards "Kroatenweg") and get out at the same station you started at noon: Goldschmiedebrücke
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