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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: Fursuits - Descriptions, pics and more!  (Read 11495 times)

Kiki McCloud

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Fursuits - Descriptions, pics and more!
« on: 26.01.2010, 03:24:14 »

Hello there!
I'm new, here and in the furrydom, so I want to tell you something about my Fursuit/s.
And mybe you can tell me something about you fursuit to? Some picture would be nice. ;D

Fursuit/Character name:  Rudolf Rotnase
Animal/Species:              Reindeer
Specials:                         A big, red, glowing nose
Build:                              Sommer 2008
Rudolf is my first fursuit and I'm very proud of it, 'cause I had to try out a lot of things
He was build to collect donations for the "Deutsche Kinderkrebs Hilfe" (German Cancer Foundation for Children),
later I wear this costum at Christmas Markets.
(I hope this are not to many pictures. :P)

And my next Fursuit is this:
Fursuit/Character name:  Kes
Animal/Species:              Gryphon-like Alien (Don't have a name for her species at the moment)
Specials:                         She's the daughter of the chieftain of her clan
Build:                              work in progress, startet this year
She's the daughter of the clan chieftain and very overweening and snobbish. So her vather send her to Kiki McFox, to work as an trainee...
First, she hate this "Job", but as time passed by, the learned her lesson and become a full member of Kiki's Crew.
All pictures stick together. ^^
And now it's your turn. ;D
Greetz, Kiki McCloud
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Re: Fursuits - Descriptions, pics and more!
« Reply #1 on: 28.10.2013, 22:14:58 »

Nice fursuits there! :) Here's my only one so far;

Fursuit #1
Name: Kyuubi (Kurama)
Series: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, created by Masashi Kishimoto
Species: A nine-tailed demon fox
Gender: Male
Alternative clothes: A long-sleeved orange shirt with the eight trigrams seal in the front, and text on the back stating 'Yes, I'm a tailed beast. Problem?'. I will also be having sleeves and a CSI style shirt ready for EF20.
Made by: Head and the four paws are made by TheKareliaFursuits, one of my best furry friends. <3 I've made the nine tails and the body myself, though.


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