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Hi everyone,

Not sure how many Ingress players we've got coming to EF, but if CFz is anything to go by there'll be more than a few floating around.

Show your colours in the poll and comment if you'd like to meet up.

For anyone who's not familiar with the game and would like to get started, I've got a couple of invites (and there must be others out there too) - and I'm sure we can organise a few AP gathering sessions to help newbies level up and get into the game quicker. From here, it looks like there's at least 150,000 AP sitting behind the hotel before we even walk 100m.,11.635

See you soon,

There will be some Ingress players around, dead sure!

My ingame nick is FeroFox, Level 8 Enlightened! I'll be happy to leave my mark ... errr... my resonators there and meet up with some other agents, regardless of which faction!


A little ingress raid would surely be fun. lvl3 enlightened here - could use some assist in leveling up :3 I bet 90% of the Furry Community are frogs. So we could create a nifty little green field of fur in that blue hell of Magdeburg. If any of you would have too much time at the con, we could even try to get a fur symbol over Magdeburg done. That would definitely be something for the ingress report :)

Level 6 Enlightened here (though probably L7 after the weekend  ;D) - looks like the city is a blue zone indeed, but thankfully the hotel has its own portal by now after a certain someone *cough* submitted it...  8)

Skyhoof and i also play ingress :D
Next Year at EF would be fun, because Berlin has a big Ingress-Base :D


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