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Author Topic: FILTH show. Feedback needed!  (Read 7669 times)


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FILTH show. Feedback needed!
« on: 26.08.2013, 23:03:04 »

I am starting this thread to collect some feedback from our stage show FILTH.
Filth stood for Furry Improvisation Live THeater. Our idea was to create a specific set (in this case a living room) and the actors would be given a short story along with their specific character. They would then be free to interact with each other how they see fit from an entertaining point of view. So our story was the living room with 4 flat mates (the fifth had just moved out). A new flat mate had been found on the internet but they had never meet him in person. The start point was the birthday of Avalon and the idea was that they had forgotten that they "new" flat mate would come at that same day.
This was more or less what we had planned. Along came the "package" containing a toy that would clash pretty hard with the new flat mate as he was very religious.
One thing that we missed was to properly brief the actors that they were living in a student flat and that a new room mate would arrive during the show. The only one that sort of knew was Kneezle. We told Aeto but he was moving in and thus they all should have known it.
Our ending was pretty simple. We turned the new religious guy gay and he was to fall in love with Avalon. At the very end we sent the real Avalon out and exchanged him with Wolftale. That way people would expect it to be Avalon when he his head and thus get a good end laugh.

I would, first off, like to thank all the actors for helping out. They did a great job and i know that it became pretty difficult for them from time to time to find new things to say. A few of them knew each other but they had never interacted in any way like this before they were tossed on stage. So one again, thanks guys.

We came up with the idea for this show during Confuzzled. It would be something in the line of Schillerstraße (youtube it). The problem we faced was that neither one of us (me and Fairlight) had tried this before. We simply did not know if it would work or not. So this entire show can be seen as a sort of test to see if improv theater has a place in future conventions. We have, through the show, learned a great deal and also found several things that we are going to fix (if we run the show again next year).

2 things that we became aware of after the show was that the actors only understood about 50% of what we whispered to them and they also requested more actions (whispers from our side of things to do).

Did you watch FILTH? Either live or on EF Prime, then please speak up and tell us what you liked and what you didn't like. We welcome constructive feedback and we strive to improve the show. So please describe in as many words as you want, what you liked/did not like about the show.
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Re: FILTH show. Feedback needed!
« Reply #1 on: 02.09.2013, 23:18:09 »

Does video of this actual show exist, I had to choose between this and another panel, and the other one won.


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Re: FILTH show. Feedback needed!
« Reply #2 on: 03.09.2013, 15:35:26 »

First and beforhand I want to say that the following critique is not meant to be bashing you guys or anything, but if constructive critizism is asked for I will give it.

I walked out halfway, it wasnt really hitting my humor. Except the Big Father-ish guy who had a very satirical way and knew how to work the 4th Wall ^^

Basically what bugged me was that the pacing and flow of it was very very slow - long idle pauses or repeats of previous statements made it feel pretty draggy altogether.
Though when a new Input was given (phoned-in "Commands", arrival of the pastor) it started getting more dynamic for a while and was kind of entertaining until the Conversation-Line "Ended" and noone really started throwing new hooks at each other to start it anew.

Also I aggree with the actors stating that the commands were to rare and to losely placed - again maybe the pacing could have been helped a little by giving more guidance through that.
The Audio itself was kind of weird at some point, getting louder and quiet constantly, but that was not only a problem at FILTH but in general (sry Tech Guys :3 I know its a hard job ^^)

The acting itself was solid, you could sometimes see the actors getting nervous but you never really heard it and it never really steped into the foreground, which is impressive considering the crowd :3

Definitly kudos to you for stepping up on that Stage and throwing an Improv show, again even though my feedback is a little negative I hope you dont get discouraged, and maybe the honest opinion helps you in the long run ^^

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