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hello gormandize furries ^^ come here and let's share some cooking ideas :D


hi ^^
I just read the posts from cooking furries and I thought what a pity the last post was one year ago...
I'm new here and I love to cook so I decided to start this topic  :D

and I'll start with a recipe for you, if you want just try it  ;D

spaghetti:  just boil them ordinary
salmon:     fry it and season it with salt, pepper, a little bit of chili or much if you like it hot xD, herbage of provence (that's thyme, rosemary...)
cream:      put salt, pepper, a lot of lemon juice and a lot of curcuma, button mushrooms (fry them or boil them before you add them to the cream), a lot of fresh parsley into the cream and stir and bring it to boil for maybe 5 minutes

then I put it in this order on the plate:
1. spaghetti
2. salmon over the spaghetti
3. the cream over all of it  :D
4. cut some garden radish and spread it with some ''chili-yarn'' (I'm so srry I don't know the english word for it, in german it's ''chilifäden'', it's chili in shape of small thin stripes)
over the meal

enjoy your meal =)

you also love to cook and you've got a delicious recipe? oh please share it  :D because I'm really ''cooking'' forward it  ;D

an old favourite of mine, not fancy and very cheap:

courgette soup with a twist:
at all times the soup is on the hob.....

* 4lb of courgettes
* slice an sweat courgettes in butter
* add vegetable/chicken stock (one supermarket bag/approx 500ml)
* blend
* add one small tub of Philadelphia (approx 150/200g)
* blend
* add one or two teaspoons of "patak" curry paste or similar (medium heat)
* blend
* add black pepper to taste
main dish:

* chicken breast (weight depends on size of dish)
* pre-heat wok/frying pan and add oil and a small amount of balsamic vinegar
* slice chicken breast into strips
* cover strips in smoked paprika seasoning, rub vigorously
* add strips to pre-heated wok/frying pan
* add sweetcorn & strips of pepper (& other veg to taste such as onion strips etc)
* fry until chicken breast is cooked through
* add ragu (or other tomato based pasta sauce
* leave to simmer
* whilst simmering cook up some wholemeal pasta with some oil or butter
* to serve, pour chicken/ragu over pasta and add a small layer of grated cheddar or similar

that's great I tried it out :D


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