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Sep 18 – 21, 2024
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Author Topic: The Fursuit Gameshow - Feedback and stuff  (Read 3455 times)


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The Fursuit Gameshow - Feedback and stuff
« on: 08.09.2013, 19:45:04 »

First off, I know it's been a while and we are late with this post but everybody here had some much needed rest and relaxation or was already busy with other projects.

We - the Fursuit Gameshow team - would like to thank all the participants for making this year's Gameshow one of our best ever! We could not have done this without you guys!

I am going to take this opportunity and put out some explanations about why we did certain things the way we did them, based on the feedback we already received at the con site.

1.: Why are the preliminaries no longer a set of games?
Simple. Because of the feedback we had in earlier years. People spent more time looking for the games than they actually were playing. And since we took up several SIG-rooms, we had even bigger clashes with programming than we still have. Also, the quiet SIG-rooms were much too quiet - i.e. there was absolutely no audience for the suiters. Are we happy with "just one game" for the preliminaries? No, not really - but this year the surfboard simulator was a natural for the theme. We will look into that issue with the new venue which should have much more "lobby space" for us to set up shop with smaller preliminary games, but nothing has been decided yet.

2.: Why don't we announce the individual results of the charity run?
That's a more complex issue. Fact: the charity run is a bonus event. Fact: not everybody is equally suited in "begging for money". Fact: the results vary a great deal. Fact: for Charity, only the total amount is important. Every cent counts! Fact: We know how easy some drama starts over competitive personalities. Therefore, in order to have a good turnover for Charity and no "na-na-na-I-collected-more-than-you" we like to keep the results on confidential record, just in case the board of directors wants to take a peek at our scoring. The scoring of the collection run is set in a way that only two or three teams might make it to the stage show based on their collection result.

3.: Why the new scoring system for the show?
We opted for this change to have two improvements over previous shows. One: to keep the audience in the loop of how their favorite team is doing and Two: to give the teams an equal number of games to play. Previous shows had teams drop out early while others had to continue until the end. Keeping the audience "in the loop" was somewhat hampered this year by the fact that the intermediate results should have been visible on the video screen after every block of games but weren't due to an unforeseen concentration of workload on a single team member. Sorry about that, we'll do better next year!

To summarize: We hope all of you enjoyed our show and we will see you again - either as a suiter or as an audience member - in Berlin for EF20!

As a bonus: here's all the game intro videos in one YouTube video:

So, there you have it! This was Eurufurence 19's Fursuit Gameshow. As we are already starting to plan our Eurofurence 20 installment, we'd like your feedback or suggestions! Just reply here, we'll keep an eye out!

Again, thank you!

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Re: The Fursuit Gameshow - Feedback and stuff
« Reply #1 on: 09.09.2013, 08:09:31 »

This was my first watching the show, and I must say it was pretty damn awesome. And it aspired a good deal of laughed on my part too. The changes you made seemed to work extremely well. So yay and stuff... refering to the title XD
I did run for participant in the show, unfortunately me and my partner didn't make it to the finals. And that's okay, maybe next year :P
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