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Author Topic: Registration and Hotel Rooms  (Read 47059 times)


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Registration and Hotel Rooms
« on: 03.12.2013, 09:38:16 »

Hi all!

As you all know, Eurofurence has moved to the Estrel in Berlin. The Estrel is a large hotel with a convention center and a daily music show, and is thus equipped to take over some things that we - out of necessity - used to organize ourselves before. In 2014, this has lead to several changes regarding registration and booking and paying for your hotel room which I've summarized here.

Those of you who regularly attend conventions in the USA will recognize many of the new procedures. We are now much more like a US convention.

How does registration and booking hotel rooms work?

New hotel booking procedure:

  • You book your hotel room directly with the Estrel!
  • You pay the hotel directly for your room reservation! EF is not involved in the transaction.
  • There is no longer a credit card fee, neither for your EF registration nor for the hotel reservation. Credit cards are now the preferred method of payment for everything (but not the only method)!
  • There are special reduced room rates for Eurofurence! You get the information you need when your registration for the convention is accepted!
  • Like at US conventions, you now book a whole room, not a single bed in a room! If you want to share a room with a friend, only one of you needs to book a room.
  • Every room in the Estrel has 2 beds! Overstaffing of rooms is currently not an option!
  • It is perfectly fine if you wish to use a room as a single room! We impose no limitation on the number of single rooms, but of course you'll have no-one to split the room cost with.
  • You only need to provide one name to book a room. If you provide the Estrel with the second name (can be added at any time), the other person can obtain the room key prior to your arrival.

New EF registration procedure:

  • You no longer book your hotel room through us. You book it and pay for it separately. See below for details.
  • Credit card is now the preferred method of payment, even for your con fee. Of course, this means there will no longer be a credit card fee if you select this payment method.

Otherwise, registration for the convention remains unchanged. Without ties to a limited supply of hotel rooms, we can accept registrations quickly, there will not be the need for a waiting list. The amount of money you owe Eurofurence will be drastically reduced in most cases, and you will have to pay this amount within two weeks of making your registration, or you will be cancelled.  If you wish to book a hotel room, you can do so once we have accepted your registration. This way you can delay paying us until you have secured a hotel room. The same mail that tells you what and how to pay us will also contain the hotel reservation details and link.

Credit cards (Mastercard, VISA incl. VISA Electron) are now the preferred payment method for your registration fee. There is no longer a credit card fee for using this payment method. Note that unlike the Estrel hotel, Eurofurence cannot accept American Express cards.

How do I reserve a hotel room and how do I pay for my hotel room?

Please refer to the this forum post.
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