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What is there to do in Berlin?


What is there to do in Berlin?
Or possibly... What are the better things to do in Berlin?

I'm sure some of us are going to have a wonder around, whether we book extra days off or not, so could anyone who lives in Berlin, or near, or has been before, share their experiences on what are the more interesting things to see and do while in one of Europe's oldest and most historical cities?

And possibly equally important, what nice looking places are actually horrible tourist traps that are best avoided?

I started a topic on  similar questions:,5031.0.html
(If you think it needs a better title to be recognized, feel free to suggest one.)

In Berlin are a lot of little nice places.
if you want i can go with you and other people who are interested in a shisha at the end of a day.
the zoo in berlin is realy nice the fernseherturm is realy worth it and maddam tousant


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