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Eurofurence 26 — "Welcome to Tortuga"
Estrel Congress Center Berlin
August 2022
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Author Topic: Zeor Karethran's Plushie Palace - Pre-orders open NOW!  (Read 3905 times)

Zeor Karethran

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Zeor Karethran's Plushie palace, the realm of that crazy guy who's obsessed with plushies. Sit down, relax and take a cookie.

I'd like to ask you what sort of animals you would like to buy from me at my spot downstairs in the Dealer's den on EF20. There will be some wolves, huskies, foxes, lions, lionesses, tigers and snow leopards - but apart from that, I'd simply like to ask you what I should bring as well.

I can get the complete range of Plüti, Trudi, the Semo Jumbo and Kids series, and on special arrangement, I might even get on Piutrè animals for you.

Plüti catalogue:
Trudi catalogue (Selection of what I can order):

Don't let yourself get fooled by the quality of the pictures - some of them are rather old. I have seen and photographed a lot of them myself and I can send you better pictures if you wish.

Due to various reasons, I'm not able to post a price list here. Please ask me for the details.

On Plüti animals, simple color changes are possible. I will only be able to make a very few ones, since I still have a lot of custom orders to get completed until then. Last EF, I had a black lion and a white lioness with me - if you have a similar wish for a plushie, let me know. Anyway, just simple changes are possible (e.g. "change all the brown fur on a fox to green") but special markings and stripes are not possible,

Please do not ask for hyenas, phoenixes, skunks, insects, amphibian and reptilian creatures as I can't get them on. I do have dinosaurs and crocodiles though and pretty much everything else ;-)

If you're interested and want to get in contact with me: Repost here, send me a PM, add me on Skype (zeorkarethran) or take my Skype name, add @gmail com and write me a message there.

As I am just a small merchant, I need to be careful about my dispatch - so please only ask me to bring a certain plushie or plush species, if you're really willing to buy it. I need to pay for them in any case and can't afford having too much unsold items after the con.
If you decide to make a pre-order, I will get the plushie for you and keep it back for you until the second day of the Dealer's den. On Friday Aug 22, about 12.00/13.00h, I will remove the "Reserved" tags and sell them to whoever asks.

Well, see you on EF then!

Fluffy hugs,

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