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Weird email


Got a weird email about a trouble ticket or so.

To: Liliane Wusky <>
Organization: Eurofurence e.V.
From: OTRS System <>

And it says (I didn't actually open it, just looking at the coding of the email)... that I sent some weird link, which I haven't actually done. If anyone else knows about this, please help.
And if any admin or mod reads this, and can actually confirm I sent some weird link or email, please delete said email. I've found out my email account has been sending spam, and I really don't want to get some sort of ban or so.

Decided to post it in here, cause I don't know where else to put this.

Yup, we got a spam mail with a link from you to the artshow contact address at 07/17/2014 04:35:02.

I've deleted the resulting support ticket :)

Ah, alright then. I really do hope the spam emailing will stop. Did everything I can do to stop it, so yeah.
Thanks for the confirmation :)


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