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Bring me your slide rules

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--- Quote from: MOW on 15.08.2014, 13:55:40 ---
--- Quote from: VulpesRex on 12.08.2014, 10:22:32 ---Some of the best slide rules, not surprisingly, came from Germany - particularly the rules of Faber-Castell and Staedler.
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What, no Aristo/Rotring? :P

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   "Particularly" does not mean the same thing as "Exclusively"!   :-[

   Sorry, no slight was intended!  I understand that a lot of students cut their teeth (as the saying goes) with Aristo slide rules.  Ultimately - the "Best" of anything is going to be the one that you have mastered using - whether it is slide rules, inking tools, rifles, or automobiles.

   For some reason, my android tablet keyboard won't work with the Private Message function on this forum... So my room number isss 20122 - the noisiest room in the hotel!


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