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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: Ef20, My toughts and feedback  (Read 7610 times)


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Ef20, My toughts and feedback
« on: 26.08.2014, 10:13:25 »

Good or bad first? hmm

lets go with good, More room and luggage storing service. Also better in hotel food. hmm this got short...

Warning Complaing bellow! But remember even with all This I did have alot of fun, meet great ppl, and enjoyed myself. There is just room for making things alot better :)

And then some things not so good. Well there was some issues with the lobby area, why not actually being too small it's too messy too have any fursuit fun anywhere except lobby and outside where cars keep driving 10 cm from the door. Also the Wi-Fi was terrible, tho that was expected, but still the security of it was terrible as they wanted too charge me for high speed use I never had or tried too get when checking out, I refused to pay it. It work out after talking too IT and hotel management trying too show them I have no device with their MAC address in question but still annoying.

And then there was the Bars... well I dunno what too call them, just some open desks in the middle of lobby not cosy and no room for suiters either and extremely noisy, suitable for old ladies but not active or noisy furs.
  and the bar/restaurant staffs.. oh good, they basically stole ppls money, not even trying too return change just taking it and walking away ignoring you. Also they ignore complaint like "I didn't get anything" " this is large pasta shells not risotto" and so on just demanding money.
  Also being asked too leave a room booked too 3 on every paper and registration at 12 is unnacceptable imo.

Not even gonna start on the Delays and terrible planned time for event and such, cause it has failed at lest the last 7 years in a row, if they cant take a hint from that I cant do anything about it here!
  Tho messing up my favorite even from Ringberg, the bbq at magdenburg was okey, too little space anyways but HERE TOO? come on could had the awesome one back from the dead we had at Ringberg :(
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