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Restaurants close to the Estrel

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At the first day we found the Turkish fish-restaurant Marin at the end of the small road along the channel:

They have dishes with fish and all sorts of meat along with nice salad. This is not your simple "Döner".

They have a nice garden to sit "open air".

Hint: Do mention only 1 restaurant per post and mention it in the "subject".

Update: They are closed during EF. We were literally too many for them.

Some minutes away in Eastern direction is the Italian restaurant La Terrazza

They have all kinds of Italian dishes, including some very fine ones like Carpaccio. This is not your simple Pizzaria.

They have a very nice terrace-like garden with trees to sit outside.

Update 2019:  Both restaurants seem closed.

Not so close to the Estrel is the steak-house Escados

The Las Olas below is a decent "Plan B".

Kebab Sonnenallee. For real. Like really close to the hotel (<5 minutes) and cheap as fuck. 3.50 € the BIG kebab really ? I never saw that (and of course I took one) - excellent, in France you have to put atleast 5 € for that size and quality! Would recommend 100% (sadly I'm not sure about the exact location and name, the Google Maps views are from 2008 ...)

Ramen Restauran Men Men, about 2.5 km away, 10 Minutes with the Bus (Short Distance Ticket)
Some Ramen, Additional Toppings, 3 'normal' Dishes, Gyoza
Cost per Dish between 3.50 and 7.50 Euros,13.4310453,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xcc250292865b364c

It would be nice, if we could collect the Restaurants here and assemble them together for next Years Con Book


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