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Eurofurence 28 — "Cyberpunk"
Sep 18 – 21, 2024
CCH — Congress Center Hamburg


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Author Topic: New user: KitzKatz  (Read 8290 times)


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New user: KitzKatz
« on: 13.10.2014, 16:37:16 »

Hello there:

I am a new member of this forum.

I am from Spain and I am 28 years old.

My English may not be purr-fect, so is my German (which is even worse, I am afraid). Anyway, I try my best to communicate.

This is the first time I join a furry fandom-related forum (maybe I should also join others).

I always liked funny animals stuff (cartoons, books, video games, etc.) and felt curiosity about the fandom. I am looking forward to visit Eurofurence next year in Berlin. Being in a place full of fursuiters (although ironically I don't see me fursuiting myself) seems like a dream come true to me. Maybe I am a bit shy person but it would be interesting to meet people with similar affinities.

At this very moment my drawing skills are very limited but I hope to improve them in the future, in order to make illustrations, comics and so on. Even a profile picture in this forum (I am still not very familiarised with the jargon: do you call it "fursona"?)!

I am also studying some foreign languages (like German, even Japanese: attending Kemocon in order to visit Japan could be a good idea, provided I have enough money, of course). So is the Eurofurence a purr-fect idea in order to visit Germany.

I think this is enough for a presentation.

P.D.: By the way, I think the furry fandom in Spain is not a very well-known phenomenon. The only forum I know (in which I arrived a bit late) in Spain is Furry Madrid.
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Re: New user: KitzKatz
« Reply #1 on: 14.10.2014, 11:40:31 »

Heya and welcome on the forums.

I'm sure you will meet many interesting people both here and at the convention.

If you are looking for an active community I am sorry to say that activity on these boards tend to drop through the year and get more active around events.
Things like:
- Launch of the website
- Updates on important information (new date, announce Guest of Honor, etc)
- Registration for next year
- And mostly the 2 months prior the convention

Do not fret, their are active members here and they check things regularly.
I just want to make sure you know that if you really want to meet a lot of people, you have to be patient till one of the above happens.

Speaking just English will do fine. A lot of Germans and German speaking people attend EF, but really the most of them can speak English also.

About terminology have a brief look at this:

In short if you talk about fursona we talk about an 'avatar' that is your (animal) character.
This character can have a drawing or multiple drawings and when you use it on the boards we call it a profile picture.

Having a fursona is not a must (in my opinion) persee.
More importantly, is when you have one is that you identify yourself with. Don't just pick one because it's cool; explorer and see what sticks with you.
If you feel 'this cat character' you have been drawing, writing about or have build up from all kinds of sources is someone you feel closely related by.
Then in my book you have a well defined fursona and furries will like to talk to you about them just because they see things that spark their interest.

Above is my personal look on fursonas. I think it could spark an interesting discussion which I'm not going to start here.

If you want more information about EF.
Suggest the following:

Or hang around here:
IRC chat on furnet - Which also have topics about EF and other furry conventions

See you around.


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Re: New user: KitzKatz
« Reply #2 on: 03.11.2014, 23:53:53 »

Pues mira que en Furaffinity tenemos una comunidad Española bastante grande :) Si no te has enterado es por que no has querido!!! Jajajajaa :P bueno pues yo he ido este año a la Eurofurence y vamos a repetir para el año que viene a si que si tienes preguntas aquí estoy para poder ayudarte! Un saludo! :)
Born to be wild!!!!
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