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Hey guys !
Just wanted to know,Is there any transformation fans out there ? I've met some of the people at previous Eurofurence,It was fun,but I've heard there were a lots of people who loved
tf-s at EF20 and haven't talked or met each other. I just want a chance to talk with them,or better : arrange a meeting with transformation lover furries.

If anyone's intrested in me or the topic,just write an answer,I love to talk with anyone
Also here's my FA gallery
Anyone can contact me there too,also you guys can find lots of silly pics from me there.

i love tf's my fa is jonathanoppeel

I love love LOVE tf! I've done a few tf arts myself (only one is up on my fA, tho), and I love reading tf stories and am considering to start writing some, too.

It'd be awesome if we could get a meet at EF21!! :D

my fA is SharinganNoKakashi

Cool :3 Just tought of a tf jam like at bigger American furcons.

It would be cool if we could get a room meeting like the plushie furs or the inflatable furs at EF 20.
Doesn't know the theme or the questions yet,but we could sit in a circle with chairs and talk with each other etc.
And if that doesn't works we can have a smaller private meeting in an estimated time at the lobby or at someone's room :)

Update : I've found a flier of the TF jam I've talked about
If I'ts possible It would be awesome to do a smiliar one :D

Yeah that looks great :D I'll look forward to it if there's enough people up for it ~<3


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