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Author Topic: Transformation furs  (Read 20504 times)


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Re: Transformation furs
« Reply #75 on: 02.08.2017, 15:52:46 »

Hey fellas ! Schelude for the con is out !

Just letting you guys know that the TF meet and greet is at the second day of the con, starts at 20:00 in the Nizza room !

Hope you guys will enjoy ^w^

Gonna be easy for me to attend this time, lol! since it's half an hour after international snack exchange, exact same room, and I'm hosting that this year, too, lol XD


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Re: Transformation furs
« Reply #76 on: 29.01.2018, 19:23:18 »

Hello guys. Once again a new year and a new tf meet and greet is coming.

Anyway. I will tell my experiences from last year and the flaws and you guys should give me YOUR opinions about it and what we should change.
Soo first and second year was good we had a good talk and lotsa time. This year was a disaster tough. They haven't cleaned up after the international snack Exchange and a half hour went away from the 3 we had with cleaning and setting up everything. Then the intrudoction begun...aaaand it ended...WITH THE PANEL. I am happy soo many people intrested in this theme but we need to change up something because this is an all talk panel and that didn't happen last year. My little gifts and the talk we had in the lobby with Liam and a bunch of tf guys saved the whole thing. Soo this year...we NEED CHANGES.  I had two ideas: One of my furiends told me that if this is an all talk panel why would we need introducing,we will introduce ourselves to each other. The other idea I had is that we could do the intrudoction...but KEEP IT SHORT. Since we have a lots of people your name and the preffered tf would be enough,NEXT. Then we would have more time to talking to each other. I will do my little mystery gift like Every year and share my artwork which you guys can do all you want and of course talk with each other about ears and tails sprouting,showing each other tf pics on your phones,whatever on your minds :) Anyway. Inflatables is easier they have objects that are physical but It is harder to make a transformation panel better because its mostly about fantasy...but if you guys know a way that can make the whole meet and greet more exciting,don't be shy to share!
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